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7-Day ReduceXS

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If you’re looking for a convenient cleansing regimen‚ you might want to try Bioclinic Naturals’ 7-Day ReduceXS™ Kit.

The 7-Day ReduceXS™ Kit is comprised of three components: RestorX™ Intestinal Repair Nutritional Drink Mix‚ DetoxiCleanse™ Detoxification Nutritional Drink Mix‚ and a packet of colon and liver support pills. Both drink mixes are gluten-free and have a low glycemic load.

Unique Features
• Gluten-free, low-allergy-potential formulas
• Low glycemic load
• Targeted intestinal therapy
• Gentle, effective detoxification without recirculation of toxins
• Two-stage process to heal and support detoxification
• Provides two meal replacements per day for seven days
• Contains a comprehensive guide book with sample menus



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