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BioMaintenance™ Shelf Stable Probiotic 50 billion 12 Strains

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Our new probiotic offering provides powerful dosing and offers increased therapeutic diversity with 12 strains to rapidly replenish beneficial bacteria. Probiotics encourage bowel motility, balanced immune function and resistance to infection. These 12 strains were carefully researched and chosen for therapeutic benefit, resistance to digestion, adherence to intestinal cells and stability. Our product is formulated to have 50 billion viable CFU at the end of its two-year shelf life verified by third party testing. Unlike many probiotic supplements, BioMaintenance Shelf Stable Probiotic does not require refrigeration to maintain its potency.

  • Positively shifts microbial balance in the gut
  • Offers microbiome support during times of travel, medication use or stress
  • Aids in the healthy digestion of lactose
  • Supports a balanced immune response

60 Capsules

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