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Junior C Orange

$ 15.95

Label Details

Servings Per Container: 90

For children 4 years of age and older, take 1 chewable tablet up to 4 times daily.

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin C … 250mg
(as ascorbic acid)

Other Ingredients: Mannitol, Sorbitol, Vegetable Stearate, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide.



Junior C functions as a powerful antioxidant, immune booster and improves iron absorption. Junior C contains 250mg of PureWay-C in a delicious orange-flavored tablet. PureWay C is more rapidly absorbed than other forms of Vitamin C and contains metabolites that provide benefits for antioxidant activity and healthy collagen.*

More about Vitamin C:
Vitamin C plays an important role in wound healing, acts as a natural antihistamine and protects against viral and bacterial infections. Vitamin C is water-soluble, which means a continuously replenishing supply is required. It is also needed to make collagen, the “glue” that strengthens the muscles and blood vessels.*


90 Chewables

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