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Kids Sinus Samurai

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Seasonal Support*


1 Ounce

Label Details

Label Details

Servings Per Container: 39

Shake Well Before Using

Add drops to 2 oz. of water or juice, 2 to 4 times per day.

25-49 pounds: 5 drops
50-74 pounds: 10 drops
75-99 pounds: 15 drops
100+ pounds: 20 drops

Consult a physician for use with children younger than 2 years old. Best taken between meals.

Serving Size: 5 drops

Amount Per Serving
Organic extract blend … 221mg
Stinging Nettle herb (Urtica dioica), Eyebright flowering herb (Euphrasia spp.), Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus), Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), Dandelion whole flowering plant (Tarazacum officinale), Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinale)

Other Ingredients: Certified organic vegetable glycerin & distilled water.

Non-GMO & Gluten-Free


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