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Loving Energy

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Loving Energy™ is a restorative and calming Traditional Chinese Kidney Yin Tonic. Its ingredients are often used for relieving stress and exhaustion, for support of the lungs and the adrenal system, which in turn lowers the bodys histamine response. This tonic is especially effective for parents and teachers, artists and healers, and those who meditate regularly or care for another, as it restores vital creative energy when one is giving rather than receiving. Adrenal fatigue is considered a “Kidney Deficient” pattern in Chinese herbology, and you could be both Kidney Yin Deficient, as well as Kidney Yang Deficient.

If you feel cold most of the time, it may be necessary to add Lady Passion™ or Red Rooster™, Kidney Yang Tonics, to Loving Energy™ to support complete healthy adrenal recovery. When balanced with Yang energy, Yin energy allows us to maintain calm, strength, stamina, and adaptability.


2 ounces

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