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Noni/Hawaiian Morinda Citrifolia

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The best source of Noni is grown in Hawaii on rich volcanic ash fields, which provide a necessary mineral (especially the mineral selenium). Morinda citrifolia (Noni) according to ancient manuscripts handed down from generation to generation, describe many uses for this plant. The Noni fruit is considered an adaptogen, which shows up in every cell as a nutrient, supporting cells otherwise potentially compromised. Noni also helps to increase the oxygen flow to all cells in the body. In this way, Noni acts like an antioxidant and can take hold of free radicals and remove them. American Nutriceuticals uses 100% pure Hawaiian, “whole fruit” Noni, which is picked ripe in the fields, immediately flash frozen, freeze dried and then encapsulated. The advantage of this process is that it prevents deterioration of macro and micro nutrients in the fruit and preserves a native ratio between the bioactive components. Noni has been proven to be effective for immune support, detoxification, increasing NK cell activity, balancing blood pressure and blood sugar.

-Made from 100% pure Hawaiian Noni
-Flash frozen and freeze dried for the highest possible potency
-Works as an adaptogen (goes everywhere as needed in the body)


60 Capsules

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