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Novequin PET (Digestive Probiotic Formula) Equine/Pets 90g

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NOVEQUIN DPF is a clinically effective probiotic and digestive aid for small animals and household pets. Enzymes assist with the digestion of food while probiotics alleviate digestive stress caused by midication and antibiotic exposure. Animals with sensitive digestive systems sometimes experience diarrhea, shedding, bad breath, yeast infections, and constipation. An irritable bowel can cause severs exhaustion and weaken the immune system. Novequin replenishes benefical intestinal bacteria that ease digestion and improve immune function.Novequin is essential for dogs and cats.

Novequin DPF Supports:
-Pre and Probiotic Enhancement
-Healthy Yeast and fungal Levels
-Improved Coat Appearance
-Optimal Nutrient Absorption
-Healthy Immune Function
-Digestive Regularity
-Reduced Flaking & Shedding


90 Grams

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