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NT Factors Energy Lipid Powder

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Patent-pending phosphoglycolipids from soy, in proprietary and scientifically selected ratios of phosphatidylcholine, glycolipids, and other phosphatidyl nutrients, researched and blended to optimize cellular uptake and membrane utilization.*


150 Grams

Label Details

Label Details

Servings Per Container: 120

As a dietary supplement, ¼ teaspoon two times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. A larger dose of ½ teaspoon two times daily may be taken during an initial one to two month loading period. May be mixed with water, juice, or food.

Serving Size: ¼ Teaspoon (1.25 g)

Amount Per Serving:
… 8
Calories from Fat … 5
NT Factor Proprietary Blend … 1087mg
(soy lecithin extract)
Phosphatidic acid (PA)
Phosphatidyl-choline (PC)
Phosphatidyl-ethanolamine (PE)
Phosphatidyl-inositol (PI)
Phosphatidyl-serine (PS)
Digalactosyldiacylglyceride (DGDG)
Monoglactosyldiacylglyceride (MGDG)

Other ingredients: Fructooligosaccharides
(FOS), pantethine, sodium borate.rosemary extract.

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