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Phyto D 2000

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Phyto D 2000™, formulated by Dr. DAdamo, includes a unique combination of vitamins D3 and K and is compounded with Epimedium and Drynaria-two traditional Chinese herbs with long historical usage in the support of proper bone and connective tissue health.

Vitamin D has essential, wide-ranging effects throughout the body, including maximizing bone health to stabilizing mood and energy levels.

Increased dietary Vitamin K intake is associated with increased bone formation and decreased bone breakdown.

Phyto D 2000™ also includes Strontium, a naturally-occurring mineral routinely prescribed throughout Europe that has been shown in many studies to reduce the risk of bone fractures.


60 Capsules

Label Details

Label Details

Servings Per Container: 60

1 capsule, twice daily with meals

Vitamin D3 2, 000 IU

Vitamin K 25mcg

Strontium 100mg

Epimedium sagittatum Herb Extract 75mg

Drynaria fortunei Root Extract 50mg

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