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Se-100 (Seleno-Methionine)

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  • Selenium is a trace mineral that plays important roles in maintaining overall health.*
  • Enzymes that regulate thyroid hormone metabolism require selenium to function properly.*
  • Selenium is also essential for the action of certain antioxidant enzymes, which provide vital protection against oxidative stress.*
  • Research indicates that supplementation with selenium supports optimal immune, cardiovascular, and thyroid health.*
  • Se-100 provides selenium as the amino acid l-selenomethionine, which is found naturally in foods. l-Selenomethionine is more bioavailable than commonly used inorganic salts such as sodium selenite and sodium selenate.*

Health Benefits

  • Supports immune, cardiovascular, and thyroid health*
  • Essential nutrient for the action of antioxidant enzymes*
  • Formulated with bioavailable L-selenomethionine*

100 Capsules

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