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Strontium Citrate 300mg

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  • Bones are complex living structures that are constantly being rebuilt and repaired in response to growth, aging, and everyday stress.*
  • Strontium is one of the many nutrients essential for optimal bone health. This trace mineral plays a role in the maintenance of compact bone, which is the structural part of the skeletal system.*
  • Clinical research has shown that strontium balances bone formation and bone breakdown in favor of building stronger bones.*
  • It may also support healthy bone collagen, which gives bones strength under stress.*
  • Strontium competes with calcium for absorption, so it should be taken separately from calcium supplements or foods.
  • Balances bone metabolism to help maintain healthy bones*
  • Supports healthy bone collagen* Pure strontium citrate, providing 300 mg of elemental strontium per capsule*
  • An excellent complement to calcium and vitamin D supplements for optimal bone health*

100 Capsules

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