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Sub M.I.C.

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Increases and sustains energy, ideal as part of a weight loss regimen.

Lipotropics are considered to be liver decongestants, meaning that they promote the emulsification of stored fats and bile from your liver. Fatty livers can cause sluggishness, weight gain and other more severe health issues. Methionine, inositol and choline or M.I.C. are considered to be the most powerful lipotropics. Sub• M.I.C. also provides metabolism and energy enhancing high potency B vitamins, delivered in a specialized absorption enhancing delivery system. This formula can provide a thermogenic effect to increase basal metabolic rate and fat burning capabilities and is great for those who are looking for added support in their weight loss regimen.

-Benefits of supplementation may include:
-Increased immediate and sustained energy
-Detoxification of fats and bile from the liver
-Detoxification of heavy metals and toxic byproducts from high protein diets
-Inhibits muscle breakdown during calorie restriction and increased cardiovascular activities


1 Ounce

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