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Taurox 6X (Nanotech Nutrients)

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Taurox 6X (Nanotech Nutrients) is available by Allergy Research Group.

Allergy Research Group®

Nanotech Nutrients™


More Info:
Taurox™ 6X
Nanotech Nutrients™

Taurox™ is a homeopathic remedy in the Nanotech Nutrience™ line. It is intended to adjust and optimize the immune system.

Taurox™ 6X is a homeopathic immune optimizer containing trillions of therapeutic molecules per dose. It modulates the immune system to decrease fatigue and allow more effective immune responses. It is not an acute stimulant; it does not contain caffeine or herbal stimulants.

Initial clinical trials have shown that up to 90% of users with moderate to severe fatigue experienced a reduction in fatigue after taking Taurox, the primary active ingredient, for 3-6 weeks or longer. The effect may continue to increase with time. This immunomodulating preparation has also been reported to be helpful during times of cold, flu or allergies.

Some people report more vivid dreams and a deepening of sleep along with reduced fatigue. Some people report immediate benefit, while some find the benefit builds up gradually .

Taurox™ 6X contains six homeopathic ingredients to enable broad achievement of the desired response. Taurox™ modulates cytokines, has an adaptogenic effect on the immune system, and is nonadrenergic.

Supplemental Facts:
Formulated exclusively for
Allergy Research Group®
Alameda, CA 94502

Indication: For prolonged or severe fatigue due to illness or other conditions.


13.5 Milliliters

Label Details

Label Details

Adults dose: Place 12 drops under tongue daily. Leave the drops in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. Do not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking Taurox™.

Active Ingredients:
Abies nigra*, Aloe socotrina*, Arnica montana*, Cactus grandiflora*, Lycopodium clavatum*, Tauroxicum (COBAT)*

* each at 6X(14%), 12X(1%), 30X(1%), Calcarea carbonica 8X(14%), 12X(1%), 30X(1%)

Other Ingredients: 20% ethanol, purified water

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