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Well-Being Blood Pressure – microgranule

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Activa Well-Being Blood Pressure helps maintain blood circulation and healthy arterial pressure. Multi-herb extract formulated in Activa’s proprietary Microgranule technology to allow a targeted action, and immediate release.


30 Capsules

Label Details

Label Details

Servings Per Container: 30

1 capsule to be taken every day in the morning with a large glass of water. The capsules may be opened before being taken

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Amount Per Serving
Blackcurrant … 45mg
Olive leaf … 30mg
Galega officinalis … 18.75mg
Red Vine … 15mg
(leaf) (Vitis vinifera)
Grape vine seeds … 12.5mg
Meadowsweet … 12.5mg
Bearberry … 10.42mg
Rhubarb … 10.42mg
L-Carnitine … 10.42mg
Bilberry … 6.25mg
Wayfaring tree … 6.25mg
(plant) (Viburnum lantana)
Bilberry … 6.25mg
L-Tryptophane … 6.25mg
Grapefruit … 4.16mg
L-Histidine … 2.08mg

Other Ingredients: vegetable capsule (natural vegetable cellulose, water), xylitol**,

**excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

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