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YeastMax Kit

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YeastMax is a blend of 16 natural ingredients that have been used traditionally to help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora. The two-part formula includes vegetable capsules and a tincture.

A balanced digestive system contains enough probiotic bacteria to keep yeast levels in check. However, factors such as a high sugar diet, certain medications and stress can disrupt this natural balance. The herbs and other natural compounds in YeastMax provide powerful support to assist with the detoxification of yeast overgrowth, help balance flora in the intestine and support urinary tract health.*



Label Details

Label Details

Servings Per Container: 30

For the 1st 3 days, take 1 capsule of YeastMax I and 10 drops of YeastMax II in the morning and 1 capsule of YeastMax I and 10 drops of YeastMax II in the evening. After 3 days, increase to 2 capsules of YeastMax I and 1 dropper full (20 drops) of YeastMax II in the morning and 2 capsules of YeastMax I and 1 dropper full of YeastMax II in the evening. This program may be taken as needed to assist natural cleansing functions. This product works best if taken on an empty stomach, allowing 30 minutes before eating. One box of YeastMax will last for 15 days when taken at full strength or 30 days when taken at half strength.


YeastMax I:

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Amount Per Serving
Uva Ursi leaf … 300mg
(20% arbutin)
Garlic bulb extract … 150mg
(3500 ppm allicin)
Neem leaf extract … 110mg
Caprylic Acid … 75mg
(as magnesium caprylate)
Grapefruit seed Extract … 75mg
Pau DArco bark and root extract … 75mg
Barberry root extract … 50mg
Olive leaf extract … 50mg
Berberine Sulphate … 25mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule (vegetable fiber and water).

YeastMax II :

Serving Size: 20 Drops

Amount Per Serving
Oregano oil … 39.6mg
Orange peel extract … 33mg
Oregon Grape root extract … 33mg
Pau D’Arco bark extract … 33mg
Cinnamon bark extract … 20mg
Clove bud extract … 20mg
Peppermint leaf extract … 20mg

Other Ingredients: Filtered water and ethyl alcohol. Herb extract at a ratio of 1g herb to 5ml water and alcohol. 35% to 45% alcohol by volume.

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