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RegeneDerm Skin Rejuvenation Kit

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Skin Rejuvenation Kit

-Stem Cell & Growth Factor Treatent Apply To
-Fine Lines
-Crows Feet
-Sagging Skin
-Rough/Dry Skin
-Stretch Marks

Derma Carrier
BioProtein Technologys Derma Carrier contains emu, jojoba, and lavender oils that act as cae=rrier agents to deeply saturate and moisturize all layers of your skin. These ingredientspenetrate deeply to regenerate skin instead of acting as a temporary fix to fill out wrinkles.

Stem Cell & Growth Factor Concentrate:
This proprietary stem cell growth factor concentrate derived from velvet antler, has been demonstrated to increase the expression of growth factors like IGF-1, transforming growth factor beta, and epidermal growth factor and stimulate the repair of damaged skin. Velvet antler also increases production of collagen and elastin, making it an effective anti-aging method. It can maintain skin texture, strength, and elasticity, therefore resisting wrinkle formation.



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